Why you should retain a car accident attorney

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On October 4, 2022
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why should you retain a car accident attorney?

Following a car accident, you are likely upset, confused, and anxious. You are also likely uncertain what to do next. You are busy attempting to your damaged vehicle, but more importantly are also likely suffering from serious and painful injuries. Under those circumstances, you may believe that the insurance company will generously take care of you, but you are wrong. Insurance companies do not want to take care of anything, especially your bodily injuries. Insurance companies do not have your best interests at heart. They will go to great lengths to avoid making payments for your injuries.  

An experienced Utah car accident attorney can change all of that by protecting your rights and taking the steps necessary to ensure you receive a fair settlement. Hiring a qualified Utah personal injury attorney to represent you can reduce the stress associated with complex legal proceedings and may dramatically increase your chances of recovering the most amount of money possible for your injuries.  

Here are a few ways that an experienced Utah personal injury attorney can help:

  • Handling Complex Processes. Pursuing a claim for damages following a car accident can be complicated, especially if the injuries are serious. An experienced Utah personal injury attorney will answer your questions regarding the claims process and carefully navigate your claims through the process. An experienced Utah personal injury attorney will also be able to outline your options are each stage of the process, allowing you to make informed decisions about your case.  
  • Protecting Your Rights. You should never handle your own on personal injury claim. The risk is too great. An experienced Utah personal injury attorney knows the tactics insurance companies use to deny claims and can help protect you against those tactics. An attorney also will build a strong claim for compensation while ensuring that your rights are protected by properly taking care of insurance paperwork and other important details of your case. An expert personal injury attorney also will ensure that you do not say or do anything that may hurt your claim.
  • Getting You All Available Compensation. An experienced Utah car accident attorney will carefully assess your case and pursue all possible claims against the relevant insurance companies, including your own insurance company if possible. An attorney will help you recover damages for past and future medical bills; past and future lost wages; pain and suffering; emotional distress; property damage; loss of earning capacity; among others.   
  • Negotiating Your Settlement. An experienced personal injury attorney will level the playing field when it comes to negotiating a settlement with an insurance company. A Utah personal injury attorney can help you properly value your claim and ensure that your settlement with the insurance company is fair. When you retain an experienced personal injury attorney, insurance companies know you are serious about obtaining fair compensation for your injuries.  
  • Filing a Lawsuit in Court. A skilled personal injury attorney is often able to settle personal injury claims, including car accident claims.  Sometimes, however, it is in your best interest to file a lawsuit instead of settling. Other times, insurance companies refuse to fairly value your claim, making settlement impossible. In those situations, a Utah personal injury attorney will file a lawsuit in court on your behalf to present a strong case for compensation to a judge or jury. Sometimes that is the only way to receive fair compensation your claim.  

we will fight to recover the maximum amount of money for your accident.

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident in Salt Lake City or any other Utah location, you need to retain a Utah car accident lawyer. You are entitled to compensation. Gosdis Law will help you recover it, including compensation for your past medical bills; future medical bills; past pain and suffering; future pain and suffering; past lost wages; future lost wages; and property damage. Call us today at (385) 474-6126; text message at (801) 200-1578; or e-mail s@gosdis.lawyer to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Utah car accident lawyer.

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