When is a left-hand turner liable under Utah law?

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On October 25, 2022
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when is a left-hand turner liable under Utah law?

Left-hand turners cause a significant amount of auto accidents in Utah. The drivers that cause these accidents are usually cited as “failing to yield” to the oncoming traffic that had the right of way. These accidents can cause serious injuries and can even be fatal. Most of the time, left-hand turners are liable because they don’t have the right of way and are cutting across the traffic flow. The only time that a left-hand turner wouldn’t be liable is if they have a green arrow, or another driver runs a red light. These times are usually rare in accidents, but can always happen.

Utah law

Under Utah law, left-hand turners are prohibited from turning left if the vehicle approaching from the opposite direction is close enough to constitute an immediate hazard. In other words, the left-hand turner is usually liable if he or she turns when a vehicle approaching from the opposite direction is close enough to be dangerous to either driver.

The Utah statute says it like this: “[t]he operator of a vehicle . . . . intending to turn to the left shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle approaching from the opposite direction which is so close to the turning vehicle as to constitute an immediate hazard.”

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