The Truth About Commercial Car Crashes

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On July 6, 2023
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Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be devastating, often resulting in severe injuries and complex legal scenarios. Personal injury claims arising from these accidents require careful navigation due to the unique aspects of commercial vehicles, their operators, and the potential involvement of multiple parties. This comprehensive guide explores the key considerations when navigating personal injury claims involving commercial vehicles, equipping you with insights to understand and effectively handle these intricate cases.

Commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, delivery vans, and tractor-trailers, play a vital role in our economy and daily lives. However, their size and weight can pose significant risks on the road, leading to accidents with devastating consequences.

liability & Negligence

Determining liability is a critical aspect of any personal injury claim. In cases involving commercial vehicles, potential liable parties may include the driver, the commercial vehicle company, vehicle manufacturers, maintenance contractors, and more. Proving negligence requires establishing that the responsible party breached their duty of care, directly causing the accident and resulting injuries.

Commercial Regulations & Federal Standards

Commercial vehicles are subject to strict regulations, including those set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations cover areas such as driver qualifications, hours of service, vehicle maintenance, and cargo securement. Violations of these regulations can significantly impact liability and compensation claims.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Complexities

Commercial vehicles are often covered by commercial insurance policies with higher coverage limits than typical auto insurance. However, multiple insurance policies might be involved, such as those of the driver, the vehicle owner, and the company. Understanding these policies’ nuances and coverage limits is crucial for seeking appropriate compensation.

Severity of Injuries

Accidents involving commercial vehicles tend to result in more severe injuries due to their size and weight. Victims may experience catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and even fatalities. The long-term physical, emotional, and financial repercussions must be thoroughly considered when pursuing compensation.

Evidence Collection

Gathering and preserving evidence is vital in commercial vehicle accident cases. This includes accident scene photographs, vehicle maintenance records, driver logs, witness statements, and black box data. Swift action is necessary to ensure that crucial evidence is not lost.

Expert Witnesses

Given the complexities of commercial vehicle accidents, expert witnesses often play a significant role. Accident reconstruction experts can help recreate the accident sequence, while medical professionals provide insights into the extent of injuries and potential long-term effects.

Comparative Negligence

Some states follow comparative negligence laws, where compensation is awarded based on the degree of fault of each party. Understanding how shared fault might impact compensation is essential for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Wrongful Death Claims

In cases where commercial vehicle accidents lead to fatalities, surviving family members may pursue wrongful death claims. These claims provide compensation for funeral expenses, loss of income, and the emotional toll of losing a loved one.

Commercial Negotiation & Settlement

Settling personal injury claims involving commercial vehicles often involves negotiations with various insurance companies and potentially multiple parties. Skilled negotiation is crucial to ensure that victims receive fair compensation for their injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Litigation Considerations

While many personal injury claims are resolved through settlements, some cases might require litigation. An experienced attorney can guide you through the litigation process, from filing the lawsuit to trial preparation.

Navigating personal injury claims involving commercial vehicles requires a thorough understanding of the legal intricacies unique to these cases. From liability and regulations to insurance coverage complexities and the severity of injuries, each aspect plays a crucial role in seeking justice and fair compensation for the victims. By comprehensively addressing these key considerations, attorneys can effectively advocate for their clients’ rights and guide them through the complexities of the legal landscape surrounding commercial vehicle accidents. Shane Gosdis wants to get the compensation you deserve. To schedule a consultation call (385) 429-9960 or email today.

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