how to make sure your medical bills get paid after an accident

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On September 29, 2022
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how to make sure your medical bills get paid after an accident

Did you know if you get in a major auto accident that is not your fault, your medical bills might not get paid if you’re not careful?  

Imagine you are at a stop light minding your own business. A young girl is behind you on her cell phone. She doesn’t see that traffic is stopped and read-ends you at full speed. 

You are badly injured. You are rushed to the ER where you end up spending some time in the ICU. You pull through. 

But your medical bills are hundreds of thousands of dollars and you didn’t have health insurance at the time of the accident. Maybe you were in between jobs. The bills start coming in and some even start going to collections. 

You hire a lawyer to handle the case. You expect that the other driver’s insurance will directly pay the medical bills since it was the other driver’s fault, right? Wrong.

First. The other driver’s insurance does and will not directly pay your medical bills. There is only one settlement with the other driver’s insurance at the end of the case. One. They send one check. One time. Until that final settlement check is cut at the end of your case, the other driver’s insurance isn’t paying anything to anyone. 

Second. There is a chance that the final settlement might not be enough to pay for all of your medical bills. Imagine that the other driver only has a $25,000 policy and your medical bills are hundreds of thousands of dollars? Then usually the other driver’s insurance is only going to pay $25,000 at the final settlement unless your attorney can make some magic happen in litigation or otherwise. 

This is why you need to protect yourself with your own insurance. Your own health insurance and your own underinsured and uninsured insurance on your auto policy. If you have health insurance it will pay for the hundreds of thousands in medical bills. If you have underinsured insurance it will help pay your medical bills out to whatever limit you have purchased. 

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