7 signs you may have suffered a concussion in an accident

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On September 30, 2022
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7 signs you may have suffered a concussion in an accident

Spoiler Alert: You don’t have to hit your head on anything to suffer a concussion in an accident. Here are concussion related symptoms to watch for after being involved in an accident.

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After an accident, watch for symptoms including: dizziness, light sensitivity, or nausea. These are post-concussive symptoms and can be an indicator that you are suffering from a concussion. The faster you seek medical attention, the faster these symptoms will go away.


If your ears are consistently ringing after being in an accident, there’s a good chance that you have suffered a concussion. This ringing is called tinnitus and usually doesn’t last too long with proper medical treatment.

confusion and Memory loss

If you cannot remember things that you normally would remember or if you are confused about things like the date, your location, or other common things, you likely suffered a concussion in your accident. Confusion and memory loss can show up days or even weeks following an accident.


Having an irregular sleep schedule after an accident is a sign that you could be concussed. Insomnia, trouble staying asleep, or on the other hand, sleeping way more than usual are things to keep note of after your accident.


Headaches are the most common post-concussive symptoms. These type of headaches are described as intense pressure focused in the front part of your head. If you are getting migraines or tension-type headaches after an accident, speak with your physician as soon as you can.


Your partner, family, or friends may notice that you have significant mood changes following an accident. Watch for signs of becoming more irritable, aggressive, nervous, anxious, or even depressed. If you weren’t experiencing these before, they could be symptoms of a concussion.


If you have a hard time focusing on work and other tasks following an accident, you could be concussed. If this lack of concentration and attentiveness wasn’t present before the accident, seek out medical attention.

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